Company History

With a desire to be the best technology company in the market, CooperCraft has developed a team of diverse experts coming together to form one of the leading building technology integrators in the Southeastern United States. CooperCraft has evolved to be the company of choice for many clients in need of a team committed to solving their facility needs.

Founded in 2002, CooperCraft began with a vision to overcome many of the hurdles found in large corporations serving customers. The leadership team at CooperCraft realizes that the customer is truly the most important asset to a company; CooperCraft has become a recognized brand for customers needing security solutions, network cabling infrastructures, and integrated communication systems. The company has grown from a small office in Sylvester, GA to serving customers throughout the Southeastern United States.

We believe implementing any building technology solution should be a collaboration of ideas to best meet the client’s needs. Technology is ever-changing, causing clients to constantly re-evaluate system implementation plans. CooperCraft was founded to partner with each client through this process.

As your company continues to expand, some processes, techniques, products, and people will change, but our commitment to you will not.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.