Wandering Systems

CooperCraft’s Wandering System is an electronic access control product that can monitor the movement of residents or patients without limiting their ability to move freely about their facilities. This provides the residents or patients with the protection the patient, patient’s family, and facility need. The bracelet will alert staff if residents try to leave the facility, or wander into restricted areas.

  • Stand-alone or software based systems
  • Cut-resistant adjustable bands
  • Easy-to-use hardware and software
  • Easy-to-clean tags with discreet LEDs
  • Multiple floor monitoring
  • Simple report generator
  • Easily integrated with video surveillance, fall detection, and other existing security mechanisms
  • Compliance with NFPA, FCC, NEC, CA, ETL, and JCAHO
  • Quick resident assignment
  • Protection against elopement and loitering
  • Escort function