Access Control

Access control is the selective regulation of access to a place or other resource. Access Control systems give organizations the ability to regulate, observe, and safeguard resource availability, integrity, and confidentiality.


  • Integrated photo ID system with video verification
  • Programmable access rules by threat level
  • Employee accountability and time tracking
  • Secure restricted areas for access only by authorized persons
  • Ability to lock down a building, or portions of a building, in the event of a threat from a remote location
  • Ease of expandability
  • System can be operated remotely, centrally, or locally
  • Panic button that notifies security of any incident


  • Restrict unauthorized access
  • Secure your environment
  • Eliminate key problem
  • Minimize long term costs
  • Improve emergency response times
  • Discourage misbehavior and dishonesty
  • Reduce fraudulence